A glimpse at the impact of the great depression on the american children

What has been the impact of the Great Depression?What has been the impact of the Great Depression?

Many married women worked for wages outside their homes during the Depression years, but their children, often coming of age during the post- World War II era, did not come to see the employment of married women as in itself a positive good.

Mass migrations continued throughout the s. Views from the general population help people gauge what American citizens in different demographics went through during the Great Depression.

Radio flourished as those who owned a radio set before the crash could listen for free. With the advent of the New Deal in Marchthe federal government came to assume a new role in fostering the economic security and welfare of American families.

Robert recalls their Illinois home without ice for ice boxes or milk delivery, discontinued city water only well waterand a disconnected gas range. Did they understand what was going on or did they just accept the hardships as the norm? Cash strapped business owners and parents ignored or intentionally violated existing child labor laws.

Inindividuals nineteen years of age and under the U. Such feelings of inadequacy were accentuated when, often after having used up their life savings, these men were forced to endure the humiliating experience of applying for relief.

Pension advocates wanted to keep mothers at home with their children and out of the wage-labor force. It was the end of World War I and he was 3 years old. In spite of widespread condemnation of the employment of married women and the refusal of many government agencies, schools, libraries, and so on to employ them, the percentage of married women in the workforce continued to rise during the Depression years.

Rural New England and upstate New York lost many citizens seeking opportunity elsewhere. Its primary goal is to dispel the "myth" that the Depression occurred when free enterprise collapsed under its own weight.

Children contributed to their families as well. The Great Depression also focused attention on adolescents. These pictures depict destroyed lives from the depression in the eyes of children, a perspective in history which is often neglected.

For the next nine years the CCC employed more than 2. In the worst period of depression, one could see young people wandering through the country seeking food, clothing, shelter, and a job.

They deny the self indulgence and immediate gratification that come from material things. Nevertheless, during the s and subsequent decades, the federal government did come to play a major role in providing for the health, welfare, education, and housing of American families.

While some were females, most adolescent "hobos" were males. What is your response?The Great Depression had many sorts of impacts.

I would say that its greatest impact in the United States was to increase the size and scope of government. The National Archives channel offers a number of useful videos that give a glimpse into Great Depression life.

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In this video, oral histories of Great Depression survivors are overlaid with pictures to illustrate the vast and varied experiences of these people.

Life during the Great Depression – The Voices of Children For most, it is difficult to imagine life during the Great Depression. While the Depression began at the end of the s, the entire nation suffered most dramatically during the period – children and adolescents, impact of the great depression on The s marked a seminal decade in the history of American childhood.

The onset of the Great Depression hit children and adolescents hard, but at the same time new policies and changing public attitudes signaled positive changes for America's youngest citizens. The Great Depression and the New Deal.

STUDY. PLAY. The conservative response. A response that is more traditional. During the great depression, they were self reliant. They accept change, but only in moderation. They opposed large governmental efforts. The liberal response.

The Great Depression soon began after a major stock market crash, wiping out millions of investors. Works Cited Back in the s, the greatest entertainment most .

A glimpse at the impact of the great depression on the american children
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