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Bar Chart 5 The chart below shows the global sales of different kinds of digital games from to The diagram presents information on the percentages of teachers who have expressed their views about different problems they face when dealing with children in three Australian schools from to As far as women are concerned, the numbers increased in both sectors of education.

It should always deal with: To sum up, the number of women in both sectors increased significantly while it seems that the rate of men entering part-time education decreased a little and was fluctuating.

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On the other hand, in the case of female, the number of both full-time education and part-time education has increased during the period. For example, "The two pie charts and the column graph in combination depicts a picture of the crime in Australia from to and the percentages of young offenders during this period.

Here are some examples of how you could make comparisons, try to use all of these in your response if possible: The answer is quite difficult to follow and there are some punctuation errors that cause confusion.

Academic Writing Sample Task 1 #64

The model answer below follows this exact structure which makes it easy to see what the purpose of each paragraph is. To make this task easier, think about this way: Use the titles and labels of the graphs, charts and diagrams to do this.

The structures are fairly simple and efforts to produce more complex sentences are not successful. In the model answer above these phrases give direction to the text and signal to the reader what is going to happen next, here are some more examples: Bar Chart 4 The chart below shows the estimated sales of jeans in the coming year in Turkey.

Never support the main features with data in the overview. You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. At a first glance, it is clear that more percentages of native university pupils violated regulations and rules than the foreign students did during this period.

Are they the correct tense? We now should have a few minutes to check our work for mistakes and see if there are any improvements we could make. Candidates have 20 minutes to write a minimum of words. Overall the number of men in fulltime education rose from approximately thousand to thousand, whereas the number of men in part-time education was lower in the early nineties than twenty years earlier.

IELTS Writing Task 1

If compare Men and Women, as you see, inMen were studying more than women full-time or part-time but it changed from and then, inWomen were studying part-time more than Men and studying full-time was same number.

Robbery remains steady throughout the period. A steady but significant rise can be seen in the percentage of the population that owned a computer over the period.

The table below shows consumer spending on different items in 5 countries in The most noticeable trend is that burglary fell dramatically over the period. Check accuracy of the data used. Note the changes that occured to each element. It is conspicuous that Lexical Resource vocabulary — Even in the first sentence the writer has not repeated the words given in the chart titles.

It could be plainly viewed that The first step to doing this effectively is to identify the key words in a question; this will tell you what information to select from the visual data graph or chart etc…. If you do do, you would be penalised.

Car theft increases steadily. Overall, the leisure hours enjoyed by males, regardless of their employment status, was much higher than that of women. As the diagrams suggest The grammatical accuracy is quite good and the language used to describe the trends is well-handled.

The last decade has seen a substantial growth in computer ownership in general, and across all educational levels. There is so much information and it can all seem relevant.

Analyse the data using your own words giving specific numbers and figures and statistical comparisons.See band 9 answer sample for bar chart on IELTS Academic Writing task 1. Learn how to give an ideal answer by following these tips and techniques. IELTS Writing Task 1 Sample Answers It’s very important that you have some good examples so that you can compare your writing and see if you are on the right track.

Bar Chart Sample Essay (Cars in Asia). IELTS Sample Charts for Writing Task 1 Below are sample charts to practise writing a report for IELTS writing task 1 (the academic paper). This collection represents the main types of charts that you can be given in writing task 1 (bar chart, line graph, table, pie charts, diagram, map and multiple types).

In writing task 1, you may be asked to write about a chart, line graph, table or proportional bar chart. There is a number of practice questions out there for you to try and perfect your answers in preparation for the Academic IELTS this post, we will be looking at line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, useful vocabulary and describing changes over time.

Achieve a or higher in IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 by completing this hour video course that will teach you how to write every type of IELTS report. IELTS Writing Task 1 samples Academic with answers Band 9.

Directions and prepositions for maps. Verbs to express change (Task 1 Map language) Sequence Markers (Task 1 Academic Process language) Compare and contrast Task 1 Academic.

Task 1 numbers and statistics.

Tenses for Task 1 Academic

How to write body paragraph for graphs.

Academic writing for ielts task 1 academic
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