Best business plan with low investment

I am talking about starting an e-commerce store. Knowledge of computer hardware and kits for servicing computers are the necessary resources for this business. You might need to attend some training so you could learn special tricks to use to bring out your creativity, and also how to sharpen your business skills.

Marriage Bureau or Match Making Agency Well in certain societies marriages are arranged and in others they are not. But you need a lot of time to build your contacts.

If you win, the money will be there. Start looking for kids in your area and arrange a room where you will give training. You can place your container in parking areas or roadside of any crowded location. You can also advertise through distributing leaflets about training classes.

27 Small Business Ideas for Kolkata with Low Investment

Make a proper business plan and study all legal and commercial aspects before jumping into any unknown venture. You can plan to make service firm to provide services for visiting foreign nationals for medical treatment in India.

If you become known for selling good clothes you might not only attract but retain clients as well.

50 Best Upcoming Small Business ideas in India for 2018

You need to rent a shop at a good location and then start your business. Courier Company Courier service is a very old business. You can pick just one ideas out of 50 and start your home business right now. This battery needs charging after few years.

Starting a used car dealership will see a lot of clients patronizing your business. And, all these places do have such services already, but still you can find some hotspots near public courts, government offices etc. Just like any other city, Kolkata has the opportunity too, however, you must have the skill!

If you are planning to start a business in the metro city, providing planning service for a party is a good business idea. But this startup is really having a great potential to make you a millionaire or even a billionaire if you work well.

Quite interestingly, the majority of the market is dominated by very limited brands. Phone-based Business Consulting Service With this kind of business you can work comfortably from home. It requires special knowledge and skill for building a data center.

This could be among one of the good profitable small business ideas. Well, there are two ways of starting this business i.

Car Pool service Carpool means sharing a single car for going to the same destination. After 6 years, when I came back in Madhapur again, I found that guy in same look and outfit.

Paul Getty To be honest with you, building a business is the riskiest investment of all. You would need to have a good knowledge of the where you can get the best gift makers in town. Commercial Finance If you are looking for a low investment business opportunity with high yield profits, the world of commercial finance bight be your calling.

Massage and Spa Services You can extend your beauty parlor to massage parlor. Data Entry jobs Data entry jobs do not ask for a big amount of investment. You can sell cakes and also teach how to bake it or cook it.

This is not the case for every type of business.27 Small Business Ideas for Kolkata with Low Investment by Anjali Bhatia 28/02/ | 0 Posted in Startup Ideas Kolkata is relatively difficult when we look at the best places to start and do business in India, however, if you know the procedures and follow the rules, it’s not that tough to get your business off the ground.

Sep 26,  · Best Business in Pakistan Low Investment Biryani Business |New Plan Mazeed achi achi video k liay hamra channel subscribe, My Facebook account.

Author: New Plan. List of Best Low Investment Business in India Home canteen Running a home canteen is an excellent idea for a business with low investment. You can cook different types of tasty food and supply them to offices, factories, and other customers.5/5().

25 Best Startup Ideas for 2018 {Low Investment}

The Top Low-Cost Franchises. Franchises with lower costs of entry can make it easier for you to plan to be your own boss.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment in 2018

Here's a look at the strategies behind low-cost franchising and some. Best small business ideas with low investment. These businesses can be start by spending less capital, but one can make some good money if analyse the market properly and find the catch.

22 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas with low investment and high profits Here is a list of some of the top manufacturing business ideas that can be initiated with low investments and are expected to fetch high profits.

Best business plan with low investment
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