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The subject is irritating, especially to women; and it is not new. The first, Annihilation, follows a crew of scientists into mysterious Area X, a deadly, expanding Best essay books 2014 being formed by a "topographical anomaly. Meanwhile, James balances an absurdly complex array of plot strands, each one subtly and deftly crafted.

An optimistic take on dystopian fiction, Station Eleven follows a cast of characters before and after a flu-induced apocalypse. As Elyria hitchhikes across the country and entrusts herself to untrustworthy strangers, she grows more and more desperate and isolated.

Ajay and his parents each respond to the accident differently, one taking solace in religion, another in alcohol, and Ajay in the attention he gets from exaggerating the story to his classmates. The story follows a theater group touring around the Great Lakes almost two decades after the virus knocks out over 99 percent of humanity.

Perhaps the most poignant essay recounts a recent acute infection she suffered which left her in a coma, near death, for days. In Lila, we return to the town of Gilead and the enigmatic young wife of Reverend John Ames, the subject of her novel Gilead.

When Helen runs off with a sailor, leaving behind her father and home, she also leaves behind Moll, who has been consigned to an unwilling marriage and the grim life of a plantation slave. This convergence of high and low art is woven through the plot and perhaps explains why Mandel was awarded a National Book Award nomination, in spite of the fact that her work could plausibly be lumped into an unfairly stigmatized "genre.

Tap here to Best essay books 2014 on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. It just took me pages. Tormented by the death of her sister and baffled by the growing staleness of her marriage, she vaguely hopes to save herself by leaving her entire life behind. Voyager" "Survival is insufficient"the crew performs mostly Shakespeare for the small, electricity-deprived towns they visit.

There we grow familiar with Moll, a slave given to Helen when both were children, and see how uneasily their relationship, a disturbing blend of friendship and mistress-servant obligation, unfolds as they grow up. In explanation, perhaps, James told NPR that the book follows the histories of seven men who attempted to assassinate Bob Marley inthe launching point of the book: His writing is spare and poignant, which makes sense given that the novel took him over 13 years to write.

She uses the many facets of her life to highlight one another, giving them greater depth than they could achieve as stand-alone stories. The exercise turns out to be therapeutic and fruitful, and serves as a reminder that art should not be created in a vacuum, and that stories should serve their readers.

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Within the story are many other stories -- including one Lerner originally published in The New Yorker, and another based on a science paper written by an elementary student after visiting the Museum of Natural History -- and the world of the novel swirls around the mini-artworks within it.

Jung Yoon or Yoon, as her friends call herwho reads voraciously and usually only opens her mouth to quote Emily Dickinson; Yoon Miru, a Romantic who frequently swoons about the beauty of nature; and Yi Myungsuh, who collects author autobiographical information as a hobby.

But more than anything, we savored simply told, affecting narratives. Operating under a mantra borrowed from Best essay books 2014 Trek: She also focuses on the novel mentioned in the title, analyzing main characters and plot arcs, and even revealing early edits to the prose. A month after the procedure, she underwent a separate one -- heart surgery -- and of the experiences she writes, "neither one of these accounts would be complete without the other.

Word of the unique publishing model caught the attention of The New York Times, in a piece claiming that our cultural impatience will lead to shorter waits between series installments.

The quality of her prose has not been diminished by this sudden upswing in production. The Unspeakable by Meghan Daum In 10 mordantly funny essays, Meghan Daum limns the gulf between our public and private selves -- even at the expense of bluntly revealing thoughts and acts that put her firmly outside the accepted norm.

Lila is a meditation on the nature of family, redemption, and a deeply empathetic examination of Christian faith from the perspective of a beleaguered outsider.

The poet-turned-novelist also like Lerner goes on dates, visits art exhibits and fixates on the philosophical implications of anesthetic procedures part of your life is wiped from your memory! John Mandel Emily St. The art school students become fast friends, often taking long, meandering walks around the city and synergizing their observations to gain a collectively heightened understanding of their surroundings.

A Brief History requires a real time investment, but it will reward the committed reader. It follows three university-aged friends: Instead, his second novel serves as a reminder that life and art are beautifully and inextricably linked.

Station Eleven by Emily St. These are the books we liked best this year: Darkly comic, immersive, wide-ranging, and utterly brilliant.

But one summer shortly after being admitted to a prestigious science-focused high school, a swimming pool accident leaves his beloved older brother in a comatose state.

He soon learns the same satisfaction can be had from reading fiction, and he begins his literary foray by devouring biographies on Ernest Hemingway.Dec 02,  · These are the books we liked best this year: In 10 mordantly funny essays, Meghan Daum limns the gulf between our public and private selves -- even at the expense of bluntly revealing thoughts.

Check out the best nonfiction books of Magazine. Email Newsletter Log In. Toggle navigation MENU. Author Services Best Books of for Informed Americans; Best Books of for Lay Techies; NON-FICTION. Released: Sept. 10, Essays. The Best American Essays is selected and introduced by John Jeremiah Sullivan, author of the critically acclaimed essay collection Pulphead.

The Best American Essays The Best American Series ® 3/5(1).

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A collection of the journals, fiction, letters, and sketches of the late Esther Grace Earl, who passed away in at the age of Photographs and essays by family and friends will help to tell Esther’s story along with an introduction by award-winning author John Green who dedicated his #1 bestselling novel The Fault in Our Stars to her.

The instant New York Times bestseller and publishing phenomenon: Marina Keegan’s posthumous collection of award-winning essays and stories “sparkles with talent.

A character study of the best kind. Read this! Previously published on Empty House Full Mind. First-person essays, features, interviews and Q&As about life today.

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