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If it does, turn it back to horizontal using the small level. Includes holder for lightweight 9V battery, low oil pressure switch 20 psiwarning light, heavy duty Choose one and take the measurement with the car at ride height. Lots of racers have developed their own specific ways of setting a suspension at ride height when the car is up on jack stands, and this is the method that racer Jason Gulledge has found works best for him.

Use sealant and check for leaks when you are done. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by Longacre features premium quality and will perform better than advertised.

This simulates braking when the front of the car goes down. This rests against the plate and maintains a constant distance. Bump steer affects handling much as setting toe-in does. Can be installed on the engine or on the back of the gauge. Use the floor jack to raise or lower the suspension.

It also eliminates any changes that come from camber gain or loss. This will be your starting point. Can be attached to your shifter arm It is electronically controlled and is much more precise than the This can be done by measuring the A frame angles, by shock travel, or other method.

The next generation in instrumentation.

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Bolt the aluminum plate to the hub. As you move the suspension the bump steer will be shown on the indicator. On digital models simply push the ZERO button. Now go back to 0" and take similar measurements as the suspension systems moves down. All the pickup points are still in the stock location on this car.

Normally, if you can get the total bump steer change under 0.


Ideally, you want the steering tie-rod to be pointed directly at that point where those two lines intersect. As long as the roller bearing is touching the plate, the dial indicator will measure the bump steer change.

Rotate the plate so that the small level shows horizontal. Note which direction the dial indicator moves to see if the wheel toes in or out. Bump is affected by two major factors: Loosen the black knobs on the inside of the frame to adjust.

Using your hydraulic jack move the suspension system until the dial indicator is at the 1" mark.Find great deals on eBay for longacre bump steer gauge. Shop with confidence.

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Longacre Racing Products Bump Steer Gauge See more like this Longacre Racing Bump Steer Gauge JEGS – Selection.

Bump steer is when you wheels steer themselves without input from the steering wheel. The undesirable steering is caused by bumps in the track interacting with improper length or angle of your suspension and steering linkages. While you could build your own bumpsteer gauge, we found that Longacre Racing Products, Joe’s Racing Products, and others offer an affordable, single dial-indicator tool that works very well and is simple to use.

The Longacre tool we are using has since been updated, as ours is well over a decade old, but we’re comfortable with it and it.

Bumpsteer Kits

Longacre Racing Products - Longacre Bump Steer Gauges Compare Bump Steer Gauge, Digital Indicator, 3/8 in. Thick Billet Wheel Plate, Each. Using a Longacre gauge to measure bump steer on a race car.

If you are racing a Wide-5 lug pattern, Longacre offers a standoff kit that allows it to work with this model.

Bump steer by longacre racing
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