Custom paperweight magnifying glass

This practice of using crude figures to chart a course typically led to erroneous data, which often meant death at sea. This chart magnifier and magnetic compass measures 3 inches 7.

Just continue to choose your shape and size options, and you will be able to buy clear glass.


Early seafarers relied on celestial navigation and primitive means to navigate the seas. Laminated Glass Safety Glass - Laminated glass is two pieces of annealed glass with a piece of vinyl between them. Polycarbonate Glass - Similar to acrylic, polycarbonate is a lightweight and break-resistant thermoplastic.

Just ask our customers! Acrylic Sheets - Lightweight and shatter-resistant, acrylic can be custom-cut and used as a safe glass substitute in home improvement or DIY projects.

Fisherman, explorers, pirates, and cartographers quickly learned the critical nature of course data; accuracy was paramount. The lower lens is flat and smooth, made to glide effortlessly across a reading surface.

Please continue through the customization process for clear glass.

Personalized Magnifying Glasses

One instrument developed by early navigators to improve precision was the chart magnifying compass. DIY, crafts, and design projects Ordering Custom Glass Online Custom Glass Fabrication - your custom glass product is made after you place the order, right in our own plant.

Typically used as a safety glass. We also offer a Forestry Clinometer Compassa Chart Compassand an inexpensive plastic version of this compass.

Custom Crystal Paperweights

Approximately 13 lines of text with 6 words per line can be engraved on a custom plaque for the outside lid and about 12 lines with 6 words per line can be engraved on a plaque for the inside lid. Nautical charts often contained tiny, difficult to read typeface that compounded the already difficult task at hand.

The compass weighs 8. Here are some additional types of glass and glass alternatives you can order from us: The upper, convex lens allows viewing of a clear, magnified surface. The magnetic needle is balanced on a brass extension arm and is completely encased by the magnifying lenses.

Custom Glass Delivery - your custom glass product will arrive at your doorstep within business days in most cases.

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To protect the compass needle while in transit, a rotating knob near the fob operates a needle lift. Safety Replacement Glass and Glass Substitutes Sometimes you might want to replace your broken glass with a specialty glass.We also hold stock of crystal glass paperweights that range in different sizes, shapes, and recesses.

Crystal glass paperweights are hand made and poured and may have heat bubbles. We inspect each paperweight to ensure the best of these paperweights are delivered. Custom Crystal Paperweights.

Custom engraved Glass, Marble and Crystal Paperweights, Custom Paperweights and Engraved Paper Weights make wonderful personalized engraved gifts.

The bubble shape acts as a 2x magnifying lens, pr Starting At: $ Shop Now. Cast Glass Star Paperweight. Casted glass is one of the oldest forms of. About Our Custom Glass. Our custom glass is made to your specifications, right at the time of your order.

We source only the highest-quality glass for our custom glass products, and fabricate it right in our own This means we can be sure of the quality of each custom-cut glass product we make. Design personalized magnifying glasses at discount wholesale prices.

Our magnifying glasses & magnifiers can be custom printed with your company name & logo. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Crystal Glass Paperweights.

Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items. Skip to main content Crystal. weeks due to the strict Custom Inspection.

Promotional Magnifying Glass Shaped Acrylic Award/Paperweight

We are happy to assist you. UK/ Canada/ Australia. United States. Magnifying Glass Paperweight Dome Semi Dandelion. Glass Paperweight Foundation Paperweights carried this technique a step further by encasing the canes in a magnifying glass dome.

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Artistically, the clear glass dome that surrounds a paperweight serves many of the same functions as the canvas painted on by an artist. Communicating messages with flowers was a very popular Victorian custom.

Custom paperweight magnifying glass
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