Dowry a curse ur society

There is no religious concern with this practice, but majority of the people happily adopt it. It prohibits the request, payment or acceptance of dowry and provides penalty for the same.

Perpetuates to preserve from extinction Mockery joke or sneer Popshow showing off the wealth or affluency Predominant having ascendancy, power, authority or influence over others Abominable hateful; detestable; loathsome Covenant an agreement.

The National commission for women should be empowered with statutory powers to review all the existing laws affecting women and their implementation.

Dowry is considered as a major contributor towards violence against women in India. Women from every walk of life, literate or illiterate, poor or rich, young or old must unite together and come forward to protect their own honour and interest.

If they are financially weak and cannot afford the amount, they take loans and sometimes mortgage their land and property. The death of a girl for dowry-related reasons is called dowry death. With the passage of time, dowry has involved many characteristics when compared to the traditional practices of giving gifts.

This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The government has taken many steps to stop the abominable practice of dowry.

Dowry System A Curse

The dowry system has continued in Nepal despite the provision against it in the Social Customs and Practices Act. It is no more a voluntary exercise rather it is demanded diplomatically. The active cooperation of women is ensured by an elaborate system of socialisation which legitemises the violence by power structure within the family which has thus the sanction of society.

Occasionally, the threat of physical violence is used. Merit of the girl is of no value.

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There is no scope for justice. Dowry is now a secret and illegal bargaining which vitiates the happy atmosphere of marriage. When it comes to the unmarried men, being educated and asking for dowry is a shameless act on their part. We got engaged in our conversation in a normal way.

Essay : Dowry - Curse to Indian Society

In most cases it is the in laws particularly the mother-in-law who have contributed to the menace. This neglect of democratic rights against the actualisation of self-identity of women in general and Indian women in particular is seen as a consequence of the politics of discrimination.Dowry is Curse · May 11, · Contention about dowries sometimes result in act of violence against women's including killing and acid throwing mandate for the dowry is the cause of many evil incidents in our society, many proposals and marriages surceased for dowries demand from groom and his people are doing.

DOWRY: A CURSE Interest Dowry and its origin A dowry—the money or property a bride brings to her husband at marriage. Most countries in South Asia like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc, practice dowry. Dowry, a curse on the society: Lets abolish this evil practice Follow @merinews.

We all know that dowry is an accepted social custom in. Dowry a dreadful and unethical practice. Nowadays dowry has become a part of wedding ceremonies.

If we say that this is common thing among the illiterate or uneducated people, we will be wrong because educated people are also involved in this evil. Dowry is a social evil which affected our society. Dowry a Curse. FOR ONLY $/PAGE. The laws enacted to eradicate the evil system of dowry from the society should be supported and backed by the public opinion.

If progressive legislations lacks the support of public opinion it is no more than a waste bundle of papers and are regarded as dead law; as is case with the Indian Dowry.

E ven we are using this quotation since ancient era, it has its aspect in the present time as things have turned upside down in the society.

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The dowry system is as old as the institution of marriage. It is a social evil prevalent not only in India, but other parts of the world. Many of the traditional customs have been given up but the custom of dowry .

Dowry a curse ur society
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