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In my opinion, resources of fresh waters can be increased by use of the closed circulating water supply at the enterprises.

But has not mentioned in my opinion an important point — necessities of attraction as much as possible number of people to struggle for preservation of nature.

Just due to the decreasing of ozone contents in the top layers of the atmosphere Physicians explain growth of a quantity of skin cancer. Here there are some ways of the decision: The dry woods can be lost. At the same time I think it is impossible to blame developing countries for their desire to improve living standards of their fast growing population.

Today per capita production of raw materials on the planet is about 20 tons a year which are processed using t of water and 2.

In the issue, in equatorial zones the amount of precipitations will be reduced, that finally will result to the desertification. They absorb atmospheric pollution of an anthropogenous origin, protect the soil from erosion, adjust a normal surface runoff, interfere a decrease subsoil waters level and flood of the rivers, channels and water basins.

The attitudes of the human to woodland of our planet need to change quickly. Carbonic oxide and oxides of nitrogen are the principal causes of headaches, weariness, unmotivated irritation, low work capacity. By the legislative way it is necessary to determine enterprises tax producing single use production, because they cause increasing of waste products volume.

One more remarkable problem connected to the population, is an urbanization and growth of cities. Sustainability is one of the major parameters of any systems, including ecological.

We need purposeful and carefully planned actions to radically improve the situation. And already now people should understand and take an active part in struggle for world preservation.

Now many rivers belong to a number of strongly polluted: In my opinion, modernization of the old plants by new equipment meeting the ecological requirements of manufacturing in the greater degree can solve a problem of air pollution.

Developers of machines work on the creation of an alternative fuel for transport. However influence of the human on the environment has accepted threatening scales.

Deforestation entails the destruction of the richest flora and fauna. Scientists suggest the desalination of sea water, runoff of river, gathering rain and thawed water in underground storehouses.

If this link of the biosphere gets damaged, the fully developed functioning of biosphere will be irreversibly disturbed. Land improvement must be carefully considered otherwise it can bring more harm, than advantage.

The anthropocentric view suggests that humans have a greater intrinsic value than other species. In whole, the most polluted inland seas are — Mediterranean, Northern, Baltic, and also the Bay of Biscay, the Persian and Mexican gulfs.

It is necessary to enhance work on informing of the population by mass media about concerns of a world scale what we have.

After some research obscenities is rooted in advocating that nature must be a priority for humans while anthropocentric sees the human being as made in the image of god, and possessing a divine soul.

My Environmental Worldview

So, these are the basic problems of the population at the present stage of development of our civilization on the Earth. The topsoil performs functions of a biological absorber, the destroyer and neutralizer of different contaminations.

The person must know what exactly he can do to prevent irreversible processes on the Earth. Water My Environmental Worldview. The atmospheric emissions caused by a human activity, leads to essential increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

About some possible ways of the decision of problems of environment I have already written.The term obscenities encompasses all environmental ethics that extend the status of moral object from human beings to all living things in nature. Obstetric ethics calls for a rethinking of the relationship between humans and nature.

whether or not we maintain a obstetric worldview.

Environmental Worldviews, Ethics, and Sustainability

Worldview Essay Outline; Worldview Questions and. Read this essay on Environmental Worldview. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at mi-centre.com". What is an Environmental Worldview? It is an individual’s belief about: What ones own role in the world should be What is a right or wrong environmental behav. My Environmental Worldview My Environmental Worldview.

Now at the turn of the two centuries the mankind comes to grips with the sharpest global problems of the modern world menacing to the existence of a civilization and even of the life on our planet. Environmental worldview can be described as how one thinks the world should be and what it is they believe their role is.

My personal opinion on worldview is that, we only have been given one planet; we should take care of what is on it.

C HA PTE R 25 Environmental Worldviews, Ethics, and Sustainability sible managers, or stewards, of the earth. Figure (center) summarizes the major beliefs of this worldview. According to the stewardship view, as we use the.

Environmental worldview essay
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