Essay about hobbies for kids

Gardening is a good hobby. It helps in discovering our talents and abilities and uses them in right direction. I love cooking also when I was in 5th class and 10 years old I started cooking.

Swimming and a few games can be considered sports as well as hobbies. Hobby is something which we enjoy doing, we like indulging ourselves in the activity during our leisure or free time.

Essay On The Importance Of Hobbies

I daily watch plants development and do watering the plant. Now, whenever I feel sad I go in the kitchen and start cooking some new dishes which takes away all my stress and sadness. There is hardly a person who does not have a bobby. Hobby is very necessary to be with everyone because it makes one busy and free mind.

There are many type of hobbies we can develop such as dancing, singing, drawing, playing indoor or outdoor game, bird watching, collecting antiques, photography, writing, eating, reading, sports, playing, gardening, music, watching TV, cooking, talking, and so many.

Slowly I learn from my mom, she taught me the basics of cooking. I have prepared beautiful flowerbeds in every corner of the garden and planted colourful roses, lilies, mogra, sunflowers, and other seasonal flowers. At Christmas, I decorate a big Christmas tree in the mid of my garden and enjoy Christmas celebration with my parents and friends.

When I am working along with listening music, I finish my work very fast and easily without any disturbance. My Hobby Essay 5 words Hobby is a particular and most interesting habit than other habit of any person. A graphic designer can start graphic designing as a hobby. You can select any of the essays according to the need.

I also try planting new and decorative plants to my garden in order to enhance its look and beauty. I play badminton with my father daily in the evening in my garden and enjoy evening walk with my mom.

It is learned after years of practice. In the long run, one will benefit from it if one has to appearing competitive examinations.

This hobby can be developed by anyone however I got this naturally. He believed in recreation and relaxation. They become busy in shaping their careers. They become so happy when I take my problems in easy way and try to solve them without getting anger and tension. We also have grown gladioli, orchids, chrysanthemums, germaniums, jasmines, ferns and crotons.

Hobby is something we can fully enjoy in our leisure or free time. Some of the common hobbies are playing cards, flying of kites, petting of birds and animals, gardening, stamp collecting, coin-gathering, sewing, crafts, embroidery, knitting, cooking, photography, writing letters to editors of newspapers, writing poetry, reading books and magazines, swimming, listening music, watching movies, surfing internet, traveling etc.

Some hobbies can open up new vistas of knowledge, entertainment and careers. It benefits a lot if used in creative ways.

My Hobbies Essay — Reading as a Hobby — My Favorite Hobby Essay 21 Oct Syed Usman Essays for Kids - Essay TopicNotes a essay on my hobbiesa paragraph on my hobbiesa short note on my hobbiesa short paragraph on my hobbiesa speech on my hobbiesmy hobbies and interestsmy hobbies and interests essaymy hobbies aremy hobbies are readingmy hobbies drawingmy hobbies essaymy hobbies imagesmy hobbies topic My Hobbies Essay: There are various subjective programs about history, maths, economics, science, geography, culture, etc relay to increase our knowledge.

There are a good number of hobbies. It gives me high level of peace and makes my whole day useful.My hobbies and interests essay for kids in words. One of my favorite hobbies is reading. Hobbies Essay in just words. Syed Usman. My hobby is drawing.

I mostly draw pictures of people, animals and birds. I use crayons, pencils, colour pencils etc to draw pictures. If i were an Astronaut- Essay/paragraph for Children.

September 13, If i had a magic stick-Short Paragraph/simple essay. Stars of the week. Manju Vinod. Punnya Ramesh. Join with us.

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Order now Second, a hobby gives a person a better and richer social life. Sharing the same interest with other people can boost up your social life as it would bring a solid context on conversations and socializing.

Different people have different hobbies.

132 Words Essay for kids on my Hobby

Hobbies keep us busy and happy. My hobby is gardening. Whenever I have spare time, I go to my small garden. I see the little plants grow. I water them. I sow. Essay On The Importance Of Hobbies. Article shared by. Many professional schools of painting have been established to train children as well as the youth.

Many students today seek a career in computer. They can attain perfection in it if they start with computer software development as a hobby.

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Essay about hobbies for kids
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