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Suggested Essay Topics 1. Discuss how social class plays an important role in Atonement. She also lied when she said that Robbie and Cecilia were alive when they actually both died.

His mistake in sending the sexually explicit letter represents a classic Freudian moment when a repressed desire escapes into expression.

Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Answer for study question 4 - She compares the author to god because they both have control over the world that they created. Atonement is also a historical novel, most dramatically so in the second half of the novel.

Discuss whether or not Briony Tallis made the right decision to have Robbie and Cecilia survive the war and reunited after the war. Towards the end of the book, Briony tells the readers that she was going to take back the statement against Robbie. It could be argued that the reader would have been more likely to grant atonement if they did not know that Briony wrote the entire book because the audience would question everything they just read and would no longer simply accept that everything was true.

Briony becomes a nurse because she feels like she needs to punish herself, so she becomes a nurse instead of going to Cambridge.

Atonement won the W. By showing how each character perceives the events of the day, and how each event leads to further developments and greater misunderstanding, McEwan achieves a remarkable sense of realism both in each individual character and in the unfolding of rather extreme circumstances.

During the scenes between Robbie and Cecilia, she thinks that Robbie must be forcing himself onto Cecilia. Throughout part 2 and 3, Briony shows herself in a bad light, especially in part 2 when Robbie is thinking of her and her possible reasons for doing what she did.

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The scene in which Cecilia chooses a dress for the dinner party, her feelings for Robbie not yet clear to her, similarly ties physical action to barely acknowledged mental and emotional states. Keep in mind that the novel shows Briony at three different stages of her life—child, nurse, and dying old lady.

She also lets Cecilia and Robbie survive and end up together. Answer for study question 2 - Mr. Additionally, their time at school together has distanced them from the childhood friends they once were, and they do not immediately recognize their own mutual attraction.

Robbie is aware of his feelings for Cecilia first, and as he dresses for dinner he frames his feelings for her in terms of the Freudian theory he read at college. With the way that Briony showed herself in a bad light, it could be argued that she was just looking for pity and wanted the audience to feel bad.

In part 3 when she is an old lady, Briony becomes reminiscent and talks about her past and reveals the truth of the story. The scope of the events unfolding around Briony and the lovers in the second half has the effect of elevating their own personal tragedies to the level of the historical.

When she is thinking about the word is, she is thinking of rhyming words for the word. In part 2, Briony starts to mature because she is dealing with a lot of wounded soldiers while she is a nurse. An example of her controlling nature would be her bedroom and how extremely and disgustingly organized it is.

It could also be argued that the reader would have been less likely to grant atonement because then the story would have without Briony trying to fix everything that she had done. In casting herself as the heroine who will protect her sister, it is Briony herself who gets it tragically wrong.

Would the reader be more or less likely to grant atonement to Briony, had it not been revealed that she was the one to write the entire novel?

Answer for study question 3 - This question is also opinioned based. What importance does it have that Emily and Jack Tallis make very few to no appearances in the story?

Briony dedicates her life on writing this novel and telling the story. Discuss how McEwan used religion as a literary device in Atonement.English H Final Exam Essay Questions Atonement Essays: For the exam itself, I will probably attach one or two useful quotations as “epigraphs” to the following essay questions, when it seems either useful or appropriate.

The fourth book that I read was Atonement by Ian McEwan, which is pages. A major theme that I think the author was trying to get across is the gravity and significance of our actions.

Atonement is about the consequences that came from a little girl’s accusation. May 26,  · Atonement Analytical Essay Ian McEwan 's ambitious and prize-winning novel, Atonement follows the actions of a young girl, Briony Tallis, who witnesses an event which she knows holds some kind of significance.

The importance of atonement is also seen in the title - if the novel is called Atonement, it is an important theme. Atonement, like water, is generally seen as desirable because people always want to be forgiven for their sins and to repent for their actions.

The Quest for Atonement in Ian McEwan's Atonement - Ian McEwan illustrates a profound theme that builds details throughout the novel Atonement, the use of guilt and the quest for atonement are used with in the novel to.

Atonement is a novel written by Ian McEwan in This book is divided into two distinct parts. In very broad terms, the first part describes a young girl's loss of innocence after she witnesses.

Essay questions for atonement
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