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These networks may become formal organizations, like al-Qaeda or its Indonesian affiliate, Jemaah Islamiyah, depending on shifting circumstances.

To counter the social movement inspired by al-Qaeda, Dr.

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Sageman, "should be one of restraint with respect to the greater challenge: The chapter on "How to Study Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century" is required reading for every university course; similarly, the chapter on "The Atlantic Divide" is a provocative analysis of the different trajectories of radicalization in Europe and the United States, and Leaderless jihad essay chapter on "Terrorism in the Age of the Internet" is one of the finest overviews of this subject.

Sageman has a bias on how certain policy measures, such as publicizing the criminals being sought-which is said to create glory among terrorists and attract more members to the organization.

The danger of this approach is that Leaderless jihad essay eradication effort itself may inadvertently serve to attract new recruits to a violent ideology, by making the cause appear a just response to an unjust enemy. The recommendation has also addressed the issue of countering enemy appeals.

The third wave, however, is the post generation of radicals, who joined al-Qaeda following the overthrow of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the U.

To survive, it requires a constant stream of new violent actions to hold the interest of potential newcomers to the movement, create the impression of visible progress toward a goal, and give potential Leaderless jihad essay a vicarious experience before they take the initiative to engage in their own terrorist activities.

These new movements demand new approaches to combat them. Without financial backing, the complexities required that go into terrorism attacks would not be possible. This makes it cumbersome to check the validity of the cited information.


This made it difficult for the U. First, war language characterized Bush policy. National Security Council may make to deal with the new wave of the leaderless Jihad terrorist groups Question 1: If this is true, I should be able to locate a list of terrorist bombings of U.

The other Leaderless jihad essay explained is that the effectiveness of the leaderless Jihad terrorism is also constrained by the relevance of the ultimate goals of the movement.

The most appropriate counter strategy, according to Dr. In this case, U. Whereas his earlier study is based on the compilations drawn from unclassified, open sources of profiles of some individuals; this study is based on more than profiles, making it a valuable resource for the academic community.

For instance, distributing posters of most wanted terrorists in areas like Pakistan has proved to have the opposite meaning. This is because the eradication campaign may be perceived unjust. Sageman concludes that "the threat from al-Qaeda is self-limiting, [as] is its appeal, and global Islamist terrorism will probably disappear for internal reasons…" because of the atrocities committed by al-Qaeda and those acting on its behalf p.

Kathryn Gardner argues that other aspects of investigation into potential terrorist organization could benefit from duplicating the FATF model.

Joshua Sinai is a program manager for counterterrorism studies at The Analysis Corporation www. It is "composed of social networks that mobilize people to resort to terrorism. Sageman asserts, their radicalization is facilitated by a four-prong process which is not necessarily linear: The second wave joined al-Qaeda in the s after training in its camps in Afghanistan.

The other weakness that the leaderless jihad terrorism encounters and mentioned is that this movement is vulnerable to conditions that reduce the attractiveness of the young people into this form of terrorism.

He also explains that the leaderless jihad terrorism cannot shift from violence to political compromise. National Security Council relates to the existing terrorist movements that pose risks to Americans citizens and its territory.

As an enemy for it backs up Israel, and fights terrorism emanating from the Middle East. National security policy should take into account the mechanism of operation of the leaderless Jihad terrorism movement. The leaderless Jihad terrorism has provided opportunities for militant individuals to attempt to create their identity of using others in the process.

To survive, these ideologies require a constant stream of new violent actions to hold the interest of the adherents, create the impression of visible progress towards a goal, and allow individuals to take part in actions vicariously before they have the initiative to engage in their own direct actions.

Small splinter groups have recently engaged in intimidation against people, but while this is evidence of criminal acts, it does not fit traditional definitions of terrorism.

Although it lost its safe haven and training facilities in Afghanistan, the al-Qaeda-led social movement is even more pervasive because of its global reach as well as its links to al-Qaeda "Central" along the Pakistan-Afghan border.

New ideologies and measures must be designed to ensure that the leaderless Jihad terrorist movements diminish. Therefore accurate descriptions of target terrorist formations and potential terrorist cells are crucial for the effectiveness of stopping actual acts of terrorism.

He suggests the need for measures of restraint aimed at preventing people from joining the movements.Much of Leaderless Jihad draws from sociologists and anthropologists and other scholars who study collective behavior, social movements, organized supremacist groups, religious theology, millenarianism, apocalypticism, and political violence.

Almost none of this work over the past twenty years is cited by Sageman. The publication of Leaderless Jihad is therefore timely.

Its author, Marc Sage- man, brings unique credentials to the study of terrorism. European-born but American-educated, Sageman holds a doctorate in political sociology and is a practicing psychiatrist%(1).

Jun 13,  · Words: Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: An excellent example is Enron, which collapsed as a result of its own internal greed and evil. The corporation was successful globally, and so, when it failed, it touched workers all around the world, leaving them jobless.

These questions are discussed in Marc Sageman's important book, "Leaderless Jihad: Terror Networks in the Twenty First Century" (University of Pennsylvania Press, ; pages, $). Dr. Sageman, a forensic psychiatrist and political sociologist, is also a former CIA case officer who worked with the mujahideen in Afghanistan in the late s.

- Jihad This is a book about the blowback from the Afghan "jihad" against the USSR. The United States, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, China, France, Britain and others had helped the "Afghanis" (Arabs, Afghans, and other Muslim "holy warriors") to fight their battle against the Soviets and communism.

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