Luis garavito the world s worst serial

YouTubeA young Luis Garavito. Garavito was sentenced to 1, years and 9 days in prison, the lengthiest sentence in Colombian history. No other killer in this world matches the deeds of this man whose victims were none other than young boys.

He kept changing jobs and moved from one town to another and committed murders almost everywhere he went. Colombian law states that people who have committed crimes against children are required to serve at least 60 years in prison.

After all, abused children are something Garavito is an expert on, having abused over of them himself. Pirry mentioned that, during the interview, Garavito tried to minimize his actions and expressed intent to start a political career in order to help abused children.

Colombian law, however, says that those who have committed crimes against children do not receive any benefit with justice[ clarification needed ] and are required to spend at least 60 years of their sentence in prison. DNA Luis garavito the world s worst serial found on the victims, along with the other items left behind.

A search for Garavito continued for days, during which known residences of his were searched, as well as local areas where he was known to hang out to look for new victims. InColombia was in the middle of a decades-long civil war, part of the Colombian conflicts that had begun in the late s.

With confirmed murders, the total sentence for Garavito comes to 1, years and 9 days multiplied by maximum sentence for murder allowed by Colombian law but because of the limitations of the Colombian law, his total punishment stands to 60 years of imprisonment.

Early life[ edit ] Garavito started working as soon as he left home, traveling a substantial amount to keep up with the job demands in Colombia.

Luis Garavito

As soon as he was interrogated by Colombian national police, Garavito cracked under the pressure. His victims were only boys between the age group 8 and A few feet away, another corpse was found.

Unfortunately, none of the search efforts turned up any information on Garavitos whereabouts. While searching the area around the three boys, police came across a note, with an address handwritten on it.

Because he frequently changed towns, his job and even his appearance, especially hairdo, which made it difficult for police to trace him.

The law has since increased the maximum penalty for such crimes to 60 years in prison. He would approach the young boys, either on the crowded streets or alone in the countryside, and lure them away by bribing them with small gifts such as money, candy or odd jobs.

The bodies of the victims that were recovered showed signs of prolonged torture, including bite marks and anal penetration. During his imprisonment, Garavito helped police to find the bodies of his victims.

The murder weapon was found nearby. All three had their hands bound and their throats slashed. The maximum penalty for murder in Colombia is roughly 13 years. Girls were pretty much safe from the wrath of this killer.

Garavito was known by his friends to be kind, yet easily angered. In February ofthe bodies of two naked children were found on a hillside, lying next to each other. Police speculated that Garavito had planned on killing the young boy if the bystander had not interceded.

Though there was hardly a reason to be, Garavito was careful about his crimes. Thinking that the situation was dire enough to intervene, the homeless man rescued the boy and alerted authorities. Garavito had an eye condition which was rare and only found in men in a particular age group.

Colombian law does not have life imprisonment or death penalty options and the possibility of serial killings was completely ignored in Colombian law. However, with increased public unrest, the law was revisited and the maximum sentence for murder was increased to 60 years of imprisonment.

Most corpses showed signs of prolonged torture. He was picked up by the local police just a few days later, on an unrelated charge of attempted rape against an adolescent boy.

In the end, he was convicted on counts of murder, though the others continue to be investigated. That is, until April His guards describe him as relaxed, positive, and respectful. YouTubeLuis Garavito in prison.

The Vile Crimes Of Luis Garavito — The World’s Deadliest Serial Killer

Five years after Luis Garavito murdered his first victim, police began to take notice of the missing children. In latea mass grave was discoveredprompting police to launch an investigation into their disappearances.The World’s Worst Serial Killer Luis Garavito, who I will describe as a human animal on my research is the worst serial killer in the world.

His full name is Luis Alfredo Garavito, born on January 25, Colombia, this animal serial killer was convicted of the horrible killing boys in the s.

Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos, aka 'The Beast' is dubbed as world's worst serial killer with proven murders and possibly + murders in total. Sep 06,  · Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos, also known as La Bestia or Tribilín is a Colombian rapist and serial killer.

Inhe admitted to the rape, torture and mu.

15 Interesting Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos Facts

Multiplied by the counts he received, Luis Garavito’s sentence came out to 1, years and nine days. Colombian law states that people who have committed crimes against children are required to serve at least 60 years in prison. Watch World's Worst Serial Killer: Luis Garavito Online at Documentary Addict.

Watch thousands of documentaries online. You will not have enough time to consume all the knowledge. Luis Garavito Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos, a.k.a. "La Bestia" or "Tribilín" is a Colombian rapist and child serial killer.

World's Worst Serial Killer: Luis Garavito

Inhe admitted to the rape, torture and murder of young boys.

Luis garavito the world s worst serial
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