Marketing positioning ray bans

In the s, Ray-Ban began to produce optical eyewear, but maintaining the eye shapes of the sunglass models in the range. Inthe Ray-Ban trademark was registered and marketed, gracing a new model with a metal frame. Inthe first Shooters were launched.

Ray Ban Brand Positioning

Students belong to a particular segment whereas professionals and office goers can be kept in one segment. The individuals in a particular segment respond to similar market fluctuations and require identical products. Luxottica delivers on its mission through its vertically integrated business model, manufacturing excellence, focus on service and geographically diversified footprint, which in turn have led to greater efficiency, flexibility and speed in product design, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, whilst being uncompromising in quality.

Kids form one segment; males can be part of a similar segment while females form another segment. Ray Ban might be charging a little high but make sure there is no compromise in the quality of product.

They removed the low quality products from stores and distribution till and replenished it with the new high standard quality products.

How has Ray Ban Advertisement Shifted Over Time?

Consumers were beginning to perceive eyewear as a fashion accessory, probably under the influence of the film industry. Since Ray-ban now can be owned by Hollywood actors an important people, the brand itself was not for everyone when it started.

Attraction We chose the word "attraction" to represent Ray Ban, because when someone wears Ray Ban they pull people towards them because of their attractiveness. While making up its products Ray Ban focuses mainly on innovation and styles according to different culture which make its products to be way more attractive.

Ray Ban is an American company which is Marketing positioning ray bans only sunglasses and eyeglasses from which started with the creation of anti-glare glasses for the US army. Proper and adequate communication can solve lack of advertisements in the UAE by raising awareness about the brand and creating local advertisements of Ray Ban in the UAE.

Specially treated chrome could yield an intense black that became known as Black Chrome. Men, women, teenagers as well as older generation Men - Sunscreen lotions, Deodorant Women - Daily skin care products, hair care products Teenagers - Hair colour products, Garnier Light Fairness cream Older Generation - Cream to fight signs of ageing, wrinkles A female would never purchase a sunscreen lotion meant for men and vice a versa.

From the roughly 30 models on sale at the beginning of the decade, the catalogue expanded to the 50 models offeaturing eyewear for men, women and children.

The beginning of Ray-ban was gentle, they started step by step. The sector developed in two distinct directions: Sustainability in its wider meaning - environmental, social, economic - is a principle that has deep roots in the Luxottica story, becoming part of the company culture over the years and permeating the entire value chain.

Air traffic grew as a result. Not forgetting to mention his help in completing this project. There were two models, Vagabond and Stateside, with two types of lens, the G mirror lenses and standard G lenses. The marketers create a first impression of the product in the minds of consumers through positioning.

The same lenses were also used in combination with the standard frames already on sale.

Difference between Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Let us start the Ray Ban Marketing Mix: Ray-Ban tracked the trends of the new decade, developing more products and striking out in several new directions.

Ray Ban has a holistic and complete marketing strategy as a part of its marketing mix promotion strategy. Hence, this completes the Ray Ban marketing mix.

Organizations with the help of various marketing plans and schemes target their products amongst the various segments. Innovative contemporary design characterizes the materials and colors used and the styling of the frames themselves.

All Ray-Ban models in the Junior collection carry the hallmark Ray-Ban signature, silkscreen-printed, engraved or pressure-applied. Ray-Ban became world leader by concentrating on product quality and durability, then communicating these concepts to the end user. The first model to go on sale to the public - in - featured a plastic frame with the classic Aviator shape.

Ray Ban acts as an attention-grabbing magnet. Ray Ban products manufacturing is mainly done in the 6 manufacturing plants situated in Italy, China, Brazil, India and United states.

Ray Ban Marketing Mix

Ray Ban also follows digital marketing where it launches various videos, advertisement on the social media sites and channels like YouTube to increase the visibility of products.

Ray Ban and Police Sunglasses cater to the premium segment while Vintage or Fastrack sunglasses target the middle income group.

A legendary world leader, the Ray-Ban label is synonymous with a unique style that stands out for its design, quality, performance and dependability. Garnier offers wide range of merchandise for both men and women. P - Positioning The first step in the process of product promotion is Segmentation The division of a broad market into small segments comprising of individuals who think on the same lines and show inclination towards similar products and brands is called Market Segmentation.

There was also a special retainer cord to make sure the glasses were not lost accidentally. The sophistication of the aesthetic detail and very high quality materials make the new Wayfarer — an authentic reproduction of the original, down to the tiniest detail — a tribute to the model that became the icon of the anti-conformist rock spirit from its launch in Ray ban report Introduction My marketing report will be based around the American brand Ray Ban.

Ray Ban were founded in by Bausch & Lomb were the glasses first purpose were protecting US army pilots from glare of. Company overview X This website or third-party tools used by the site itself use the cookies necessary for operation and useful for the objectives illustrated in the cookie policy, including the possibility of sending you advertisements according to your interests.

Marketing Mix Of Ray Ban Marketing Essay. The Ray-Ban brand then becomes meaningless as whole and The marketing mix of Ray-Ban define the marketing elements for successfully positioning Ray-Ban product. The marketing mix of Ray-Ban define the marketing elements for successfully positioning Ray-Ban product market offer.

One of the best known models is the Four Ps, which helps define Ray-Ban price strategy, marketing options in. 2 responses to “How Ray Ban is Using Music, Architecture and the Human Experience to Sell Sunglasses” Chelsea Adams writes: Spook — The key takeaway of this article is a need to really KNOW your target market beyond the surface level.

Marketing Mix of Ray Ban analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Ray Ban marketing strategy. The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company.

Marketing positioning ray bans
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