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Consider me your pen and ink. People might also like to have a look at the polyhedron pages, which are some of the most graphically rich mathematical ones about. I made a list a png border problem algebra ago of places I thought an image was especially needed: There are others, but these are all worth studying.

I never disputed an assertion that mathematicians are generally poor illustrators. If you say, well, I png border problem algebra to see Euclid in Cartesian space, okay, I can certainly buy that. Do you want me to re-illustrate The Elements, perhaps dynamically?

The appeal of construction to me, and perhaps to the young learner, is that there is never any need to analyze the construction; it is a purely synthetic discipline. Just the first few propositions? As a construction, this is easy to perform, but how can it be illustrated? Diagrams, in themselves, can be misleading - there are many fake geometric constructions which would fool most people.

I can see some value in illustrations that attempt to show the ideal nature of circle and line; but it would just be a massive, useless drag to go much further down the exhaustive road.

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Resources[ edit ] Some fun reading for your free time: I know you call it i, but I think of it as j, and it refers to phase lag or lead. What should and should not be in the article is an interesting issue. That way lies cruft.

I have an EE background among others and the complex plane has a specific, concrete meaning for me. This is the dictionary of the language of compass and straightedge geometry, in which all constructions are written. In any case, the new text on the project page is fine.

Bill Casselman has written a book about Mathematical Illustrations that can be downloaded free. A minor point is that in the two constructions that define two points, there is sometimes only one point defined and sometimes none, but I think that is of secondary importance it is easy to find out which occurs if we know which objects are used in the construction.

There is no need to link the constructions to complex arithmetic. The calculator stays in the backpack. Any 3D animation is more complex than a similar static 3D rendering and much more complex than a 2D animation; on this scale a static 2D rendering is beneath notice.

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Of course all this can be expressed using vector operations instead, but complex arithmetic seems easier to me, although maybe not to a reader who was not already familiar with the complex numbers.

I believe we can go well beyond the five operations diagrammed above without replicating every book of Euclid. What was incorrect and I found heavily biased was the assertion: This is by way of analogy to the decision to move impossible constructions and forbidden techniques to their own pages.

Some theorems in both areas are probably very cumbersome or impractical without using some extra tools.

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A claymation would be fantastic and beyond what I had originally hoped for: Some middle ground should be preferred, with a few notable constructions shown and explained. I must confess it was only after I added the first draft of the section on constructions as complex arithmetic that I realised that most of it was covered in different language in a section written earlier still to be mergedso I am not unique in this viewpoint.

If I created a list I would make it in two sections: The postulates and common notions only? I think of this as a small-time project, no big deal.

Mathematicians and Graphic Artists. They also prefer having an explanation given with illustrations rather than a mesh of symbols. Feel free to email me, as I will not be checking here that often; I will try and provide a reasonably quick response. One is not allowed to set the compass at one pair of points, then move the compass to another place on the page and draw a circle with the given radius.

Animating a 3D deformation is an order of magnitude trickier than, say, animating a 3D translation. Off the top of my head, we can produce: I am happy to deal with this, to justify the claims already made in the article.

There seems, to my eye, something distinctly partaking of the digital age in the efforts to replace clear and obvious diagrams with complex arithmatic.Are you searching for Maths png images or vectors?

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Png border problem algebra
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