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If you are not uploading a new or revised file, the location should be left blank. If you are uploading from a disk or CD, be sure it is inserted in your computer. Only you, the submitter, can download the entire file.

View Screenshot You can choose to clean or remove the records of living individuals from Rootsweb worldconnect project. The records will still be in your file. You will still need to determine how you want notes, source information, and tags to be shown for those who are not living.

Listing of common tags. When there is no birth Rootsweb worldconnect project christening date, the WorldConnect program attempts to approximate the year of birth from other information in the GEDCOM file.

It will appear on every page within your family tree. I will gladly share BUT I want the choice of whom I share it with and whether they get the entire file or not. Included are the choices to treat tags as notes or to remove specific tags.

Only what is displayed on the Internet is altered. The remaining options determine how you want the WorldConnect Project to display individuals, especially those still living. Upload Options View Screenshot The last section of this form identifies where your file is located on your computer, and defines your display preferences.

I have chosen NOT to allow download of my database. If you wish, you can add a message that will be attached to each of the living individuals in your file. The header and footer areas appear in smaller print.

You will NOT be able to use multiple disks for the same family tree. The year was used as the default setting because the U. The last section of the form shows the various Submit buttons and they are self explanatory. View Screenshot Title is the only required field.

You can change the default to any year prior to if you wish. You have additional options to protect the privacy of the living, including removing notes or source information from display.

RootsWeb WorldConnect Project

Since folks are living longer, I chose to use as my default. Living in this case is defined as anyone in your family tree born or christened in or later that does not have a death or burial year included in the proper field of your GEDCOM, unless you change the default settings default year currently is Remove means your family tree will not display entries for ANY living individuals.RootsWeb WorldConnect Project - Publishing your family tree online can mean simply uploading your GEDCOM file to a searchable online database.

The one I use and highly recommend is the RootsWeb WorldConnect project. You can create the GEDCOM file with your genealogy software program, sign up for the space and upload the file. You. Nov 28,  · is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program.

The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content. The WorldConnect Project allows users to upload, modify, link, and display their family trees as a means to share their genealogy with other researchers.

Begin Searching RootsWeb Family History Wiki. Search Family Trees at WorldConnect Advanced Search More than million names on file. Title Author Individuals Families Media objects Shared notes Last change Delete; [Saunders-Gatewood family] on RootsWeb's World Connect Project: unknown - [email protected] Discover your family history and start your family tree.

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Rootsweb worldconnect project
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