Should atheltes have to go to

A young person who dreams of becoming a doctor does not dream of attending medical school. But how much do the top NCAA executives make? At first, it was a great place to watch athletes play sports while making sure the rules were being followed.

Universities bring in hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to their athletic programs each year. The reasons could include: Through donations, ticket sales, media rights, advertising, and anything else with a price tag, these athletes are symbols for their school and their program.

Athletes earn their schools hundreds of thousands of dollars, increase enrollment, and if they do well, provide a recruiting piece for generations. And they would not turn their backs on players who overestimated their draft stock, especially if they maintain their NCAA eligibility no agent, no extra benefits, maintain academic requirements.

We should all provide young, impressionable athletes with the best possible information to help them make informed decisions. Unfortunately, if a player talks to enough agents, there is a good chance someone will tell him what he wants to hear.

A player who knows he will be a top pick and has a high level of athletic development and the maturity to cope with life in the NBA. Do they want to be a first-round pick, sign a rookie contract and then be out of the League after a couple of seasons?

Some players, if they come from a low-income household, get a few hundred dollars each semester from Pell Grants which enables them to buy chicken soup instead of chicken-flavored ramen.

Do College Athletes Have Time to Be Students?

So, how should top college players approach this decision? If a player is a first-round NBA pick, he will sign a contract that will guarantee him millions of dollars. It covers thousands of dollars in mysterious, unknown university fees, tuition, housing, a meal-plan and multiple hundred-dollar textbooks.

We would pay athletes because when President Theodore Roosevelt helped create the NCAA inhe had no idea what it would grow into. Why would a commissioned agent give bad advice? Alternatively, for a select few, the money and competition available in professional sports is simply too much to pass up.

In the end, the goal of everyone should be to help players get this important decision right. The NCAA "prevents student-athletes from allowing their likeness to be used for promotional purposes. But now in the 21st century, the NCAA is a billion dollar company. There are always going to be people with self-serving agendas seeking involvement with athletes.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. If enough money is on the table, going pro does not have to mean a player is giving up on his education.

He would come back exhausted, but he needed whatever money they would pay him.Aug 28,  · Why can a baseball player go from high school to the pros, and a musician can come and go in college, but a football player has restrictions?.

Apr 13,  · While other leagues have draft rules regarding age, there is far more control and hypocrisy dictating when basketball players can jump to the NBA. Dec 13,  · Athletes like O.J. Mayo and Michael Crabtree have been a few of the players that have put their education on hold to test their values in their respective sports.

Go from rags to riches too.

Why College Athletes Should be Paid

Because the decision makers have the mentality of, "This is the way it's always been." They're scared to make amendments, even when it's necessary. I'm not saying we should be paying athletes. Feb 18,  · Do college athletes have enough time to devote to their classes?

Many of them don't. At least that's the conclusion that you could easily reach after reading a NCAA survey on college athletes.

Oct 30,  · I think athletes who dope should have to forfeit their titles and medals. The reason I believe this is because you shouldn’t have to do stuff to “enhance” their bodies to win stuff. I don’t think people who dope should even be eligible to even compete in the competition.

Should atheltes have to go to
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