Social media ghost writing a book

Most of my clients—in some respect—make their living through thought leadership and by growing the value of their intellectual property IP.

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In most cases, my client has both an interesting set of ideas and a reason to share them. I try to keep it all in balance rather than thinking that I can, or should, do it all.

Or send us a text atwe will reply right away. I promise that, and I offer myself as proof. On the Internet, if you build it, they will not automatically come.

Readers enjoy devouring ebooks. That said, I have often written about technology, career development, business strategy, financial services, health care, innovation, startups, venture capital, personal development, leadership, marketing, customer experience, and social innovation.

Increasing your author visibility through different online channels allows you to meet readers, cultivate an audience, and increase your discoverability to sell more books.

Please see our rates for more detail. And they may leave negative comments about your ebook! What is the key to success? My younger self was stubborn and ignorant. Books take about eight weeks for the original draft, then editing and proofing is extra, and depends on how quickly you can react to changes.

I was killing myself trying to blog three times a week at Kidlit, then I added two extra blogs and tried doing those twice a week, too. Not only would I have gained readers and perhaps a book contract much earlier, but I also would have benefitted as a writer from blogging.

Poor ebooks are characterized by murkiness, sloppiness, and unoriginality.


We never do any writing or editing work for deferred pay or royalties. Click to tweet it. As a ghostwriter, using me to write articles and social media posts that share your best ideas. But every so often, I write something and it provokes dozens of comments and hundreds of shares.

I work fast and produce top-notch content. There are billions of blogs and websites out there. My specialty is creating short, powerful books that are highly actionable.

I typically send my client a draft about two days after we speak. If you can describe it, I can write about it. My best clients have similar experiences. Ebooks are distinguished from paper books not only in terms of their electronic format, but also in terms of their length, which tends to be shorter than that of traditional print books.

In the early days of a new client relationship, I can produce a to word article from such a conversation. In all cases, my client has a goal. At that point — forget about it! Reading is still a passion but the delivery method has changed. I would tell myself to go ahead and build my wings on the way down, and not to stress over every little number, setback, or failure.

Ghostwriting My job is to amplify your best ideas You can hire me to collect stories from you and transform them into articles, social media posts, internal memos, and even pitches For that reason, I ask that new clients agree to publish at least four times a month, and preferably six.

You can benefit from the lessons I learned along the way. If I limit my time platform building, I open up time for family or exercise or working on a larger project. Avoid the temptation to get sucked into doing everything for everybody.Book Marketing Made Easy – Should I have a presence on social media platforms?

Book Marketing Made Easy – What are the most effective ways to promote my book? Book Marketing Made Easy – Why do I need a website and/or blog?

But one book promotion tip that will help you stand out across all your networks, social media and otherwise, is: Focus on what readers will get from your book. The fact that the book exists is not news enough. We specialize in working with professionals, social entrepreneurs, and visionary thinkers who have a burning desire to write a book and a strong message or story to convey to the world.

Experience, Professionalism, Insight, and Creative Energy--. Ghostwriting What Authors Need to Know. Just look at social media.

Well-written content is critical today. On the book side, shifts in the publishing industry are opening the door for anyone to be an author. Self-publishing is making book authorship possible for non-writers, with the help of a ghostwriter.

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It may communicate the same concepts, but the message, branding, and style can get lost. That may mean less impact from a social media perspective, fewer links, less enjoyment and engagement from readers, and these things, directly and indirectly, can negatively affect your SEO.

Social media ghost writing a book
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