Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism studies

Reporting for Literary Journalism. Enrollment restricted to declared majors, B. Restricted to 20 students. The best book on crafting the kinds of features that land on page 1 of the Wall Street Journal. Details Stories are due at 10 a. To ensure a seamless transfer experience, students are encouraged to work with both their community college advisor and a UMKC advisor when planning their coursework.

To help you with this chore, please list the number of words in your story. Students will write three substantial stories.

Kevin Kerrane and Ben Yagoda, editors. Students will cast, rehearse and present a live performance for their final project and design appropriate camera coverage.

A Historical Anthology of Literary Journalism. Directed group study by which students readily instructor to report and talk about community news inside a newsroom-style format. The course will stress such issues as studio production, censorship, the economics of production and the selling of mass culture through the film medium.

Students will examine the original literary source, then the interim screenplay and finally the completed motion picture. Since the early s the Paris Review has been publishing extensive interviews with writers on how they work.

Cultural journalism is for writers with an itch to understand connections—between news event and context, present and past, art and society, public and private.

Over the last tumultuous decade, the need for such explorations has only intensified.

Specialized Reporting: The Arts

As the mainstream media expand their cultural coverage and alternative publications and websites proliferate, there has never been more need for engaging, knowledgeable cultural reporting and analysis.

Stick to the assigned lengths. Students analyze how texts function within specific historical contexts. Lectures on Topics in Literary Journalism. Students will be required to draft, revise and workshop a short film screenplay or will focus on a feature screenplay, delivering a draft and revision of the first act and a detailed outline for the rest of the script.

A good reference guide, particularly oriented to journalists. Alexander Stille Several newspapers and magazines have established an "ideas" beat in recent years, in which they try to look beyond the news and identify trends in the changing ways we think about the world.

Topics to be covered include the ways that filmmakers respond to literary and historical sources from the ancient world, interact with the artistic tradition of films about the ancient world, the relation of these films to other works by the same creative personnel directors, actors, writers, producers, etc.

By practicing convergence journalism, students gain practical story-telling experience for professional news organizations.

Instruction and hands-on learning how you can interview, report, research, and collect the kinds of information required to write literary journalism. Several former students have published books: Great Writers at the End.

You can find links to publications by faculty and students here. Although literary journalists use a wide range of techniques, certain standards apply: Students will learn techniques in pre-production planning, camera, sound, and editing by creating a series of short videos.

By placing traditional and new media in a wider intellectual context than is generally possible under the daily demands of producing news, information, and entertainment, it seeks to produce a larger sense of media as industry and as a career choice. Emphasis placed on relationship of American culture and American media.Journalism is not just about reporting on individual “news events.” More and more, it’s about getting a handle on the complicated reality that frames those events – the ever-shifting patterns of culture that determine how we live and what we make of our lives.

The M.A. in Specialized Journalism is an intensive nine and a half month program that prepares you to produce high-level reporting and long-form narrative journalism on topics of your choosing.

Specialized reporting courses are offered in business, economics, entertainment, climate change and the environment, immigration. Our goal for students when they complete our studies is excellence in reporting, editing, research and visual communication.

Study of specialized field of reporting or writing. Current syllabus. JOUR Documentary Journalism. Units: 1. JOUR Literary Journalism. Units: 1. Literary Journalism Core Writing Workshop. 4 Units. Writing workshops in announced specialized genres that students will both study and practice.

Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism articles

Examples include "The Memoir," "Review Writing," "The. Blundell’s organization method is a tad quirky, but his message is not: Good writing requires detailed reporting and hard thinking.

Writing to Deadline: The Journalist at Work. By Donald M. Murray, Heinemann, Video production for the web is an integral part of news writing in Journalism Studies, along with the opportunity for specialized, advanced writing classes in political reporting, blogging and literary nonfiction.

Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism studies
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