The demand for flexibility of the workweek timetable essay

The GOP-controlled Legislature ordered state health officials not to cooperate with the federal program. A state-sponsored Christmas tree is okay as long as it is used to promote the leftist agenda.

President Obama is now the most powerful insurance salesman in the free world. Apparently, people are not looking like they will sign up for Obamacare at anywhere near the levels necessary to sustain the illusion of public acceptance.

Oregon held a music contest, and California stresses the "peace of mind" that will come with insurance. And it was fitness guru Richard Simmons who took us there.

They failed to sell it. Obamacare Panders To Gay Community. Believe it or not, these soulless robots have prepared an actual talking-points memo for the occasion replete with tips on how to plan your "talk.

For example, one OFA tweet showed pictures of a young man wielding a big knife to carve a turkey.

You might be ignoring your presidential homework assignment. Yet the navigators I spoke with there earlier this month say interest has been sparse.


Planned Parenthood announces plus events to promote Obamacare. According to a White House official, two top college basketball coaches Monday will make an Obamacare sales pitch in a web video aimed at fans of the sport.


Finally, after two months of horror, President Obama heard cheering when he discussed ObamaCare. There are no words to describe what happened Friday during a live event held by Covered California designed to increase interest among young people in the Affordable Care Act. Former Florida congressman Allen West mocked the news that the Obamacare website would be down for maintenance the night of its long-awaited Dec.

In Tennessee, those shopping on the new health insurance co-ops could end up with more than just some health insurance.

From the folks who brought you the "brosurance" campaign that promotes the affordable care act comes a new line of ads aimed at reminding young women the new law will subsidize their birth control. But some navigators in Colorado are doing their jobs by creating advertisements directed at college students.

White House turns to cat pictures to sell Obamacare. Apologizing is all well and good, and yet Obama still finds himself in a tough position. Krupp, an Organizing for Action OFA content writer who became the face of progressive America when he sipped cocoa and smirked while wearing a onesie pajama suit in a recent Obamacare ad, is also a failed comedy writer whose work was not appreciated in his own time.

In a free country, the insurance customers make those decisions on their own. President Obama has begun a new 20 day effort to sell the Affordable Care Act. The administration wants to use the IRS to hawk Obamacare, drawing fire from Republicans, who fear President Obama is turning the tax agency into part of his political operation by enlisting it in the health care effort.

A Brief Guide to World Domination

King, please join us in this historic effort by helping your friends, neighbors, and loved ones get covered through the Marketplace," Sebelius said of the observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Now, with a near daily barrage of bad news tied to ObamaCare, from skyrocketing premiums to bald-face lies about its true nature, the president is reduced to working the talk show circuit like a B-lister promoting a cable pilot.

Obamacare phones offered to health insurance buyers. And he attacked the GOP for pushing for repeal. They had not requested the interviews. Obama To Latino Families: There are lots of revolting things in the Pajama Boy ad. Rahm Emanuel famously declared early in the Obama administration that "you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.

A Roll of the Dice. Then, we had Adriana, the painfully neutral and carefully ambi-racial stock-model-from-everywhere whose face became so synonymous with HealthCare.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Obamacare is being developed by leftist politicians who are determined to take over the medical care industry regardless of public opinion.

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The demand for flexibility of the workweek timetable essay
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