Whaling debate

And it is not for outsiders to forcibly change this.

Debate: Whaling

Iceland and Norway have gone as far as flat-out admitting that they whale for commercial purposes [3]. It is true that due to their feeding behavior, the blubber, organs and meat of "hunting" toothed whales Odontotcetes are much more likely to be contaminated than in the case of the "grazing" baleen whales Mysticeteswhich skip over a few links in the food chain.

A rational conversation on whaling

Then they could oppose factory farming and inhumane slaughtering methods for both livestock and cetaceans. Folk-Shinto whale cults and Buddhist rites for appeasing whale spirits were practiced in whaling towns, and those same towns also provided crews for the 20th-century whaling industry.

Also the fact that it has been a traditional activity in these areas has been slightly twisted. In the 20th and 21st century commercial whaling is aimed at the collection of whale meat for food.

Furthermore, they point out that most whaling takes place outside of coastal areas where whale watching takes place, and communication between any whaling fleet and whale-watching boats would ensure that whaling and whale watching occurred in different areas.

Nigel Bonner, Barthelmess Whaling Collection. Whales are at the top of a natural food chain, and as such their numbers and reproductive rates are low when compared to species lower down. Any inter species communication breakthrough makes a mockery of risking the future for a few pieces of blubber with rice.

For comparison, using the same criterion of intelligence as a moral qualifier upon human society could mean, e. When it comes to whaling, these societies still fail to acknowledge the democratic right of dissident minorities.

The concerns of over-exploitationa threat of extinction and popular culture widely viewing whales as interesting and intelligent, led to a campaign called " Save the Whales " which began to highlight the plight of whales on a larger scale.

How can they achieve this adjustment? This intimate knowledge is derived not only from contact with the prey, but also with non-exploited species, and it covers oceanographic and meteorological phenomena as well.

As history shows whaling began in BC. Most of them discontinued whaling when other factors became effective. In consequence, Alaska Inuit have begun using a small version of the Norwegian-made penthrite grenade in addition to their traditional whaling tools in order to reduce the struck-and-lost rate in their open-boat whaling operations.

The whaling debate

About half of the catch is kept in the village; the rest is bartered in local markets. Marine Mammals of the World.

Whale conservation

This argument is particularly contentious in Icelandas it has among the most-developed whale-watching operations in the world and the hunting of minke whales resumed in August Stay away Why should a country who has exhausted the whale population in their country come over and hunt a mysterious creature we have all looked after in.

Contemporary whaling is subject to intense debate. Countries that support commercial whaling, notably Iceland, Japan, and Norway, wish to lift the ban on certain whale stocks for hunting. [4] Anti-whaling countries and environmental groups oppose lifting the ban.

Whaling Debate Heats Up

Science or Slaughter? The Whaling Debate Continues. November 20, By. Sarah Hoffman; whales were being over-hunted. It was not untilhowever, that the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling was agreed upon.

Whaling Debate

This convention set up the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to promulgate regulations for whaling. Debate Over Whale Hunt Focuses On Japan The International Whaling Commission, meeting this week, will seek a compromise that would allow some whaling while trying to get Japan to end its annual.

— Pressure on Japan to stop hunting whales in the Antarctic is expected to mount after the International Whaling Commission said today it is no longer sure how many Minke whales still live in. The Great Whaling Debate is a campaign aimed at ending all whaling but, instead of merely adding one’s voice to the already clamorous cry to end the slaughter of whales in our oceans, the campaign offers people the opportunity to vote.

Whaling debate
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